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Geiger Counter Detects Gamma Rays

Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma radiation, which can be done by ordinary people in domestic environment (homes, office, food products, construction materials, soil, etc.). Also, the instrument can be used by industrial personnel, working with ionizing sources of radiation. Moreover, the instrument can detect objects, polluted by beta active radioactive nuclides.

The instrument uses a Geiger counter to detect the amount of gamma radiation within 40 sec. and indicates the values in µSv/h and µRem/h on an LCD screen. Registration of every particle is indicated by a click sound, which makes it possible to quickly determine the location of hot spots.

Incorporates the following features: audio alarm with 3 adjustable thresholds, continuous updating of readout in proportion as duration of measurement increases, display illumination, MENU in English. CE. 3 year factory wty. Radex Model RD1503.


Range (ambient dose equivalent) µSv/h 0.05 … 9.99
Exposure dose rate scale µRem/h 5 … 999
Range energy scales MeV 0.1 … 1.25
Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where P is dose rate in µSv/h % 15+6/P
Levels of sound-alarm threshold µSv/h 0.30, 0.60, 1.20
µRem/h 30, 60, 120
Time of calculation sec 40 ±0.5*
Time of indication . continuous
Batteries “AAA” type . 2
Time of continuous operation, at least hour 550 **
Outside dimensions mm 105x60x26
Weight (without battery) Kg 0.09

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Microwave Leakage Meter Image

Digital Accuracy Microwave Leakage Meter Image

Here’s a unit which will give you not only accurate digital readings of the amount of leakage from microwave ovens, but it also provides an audible “beeping” alarm and red flashing light when it senses microwaves above the 5 mW/cm² danger threshold! Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, it is so easy to use: just press the ON button, then press and hold the auto range ZERO button to adjust to zero before each use. Then check the seal of the operating oven door. Sensitivity down to 0.01 mW/cm² at 2450 MHz, it will read all the way up to a roasting 9.99 mW/cm² in hundredths of mW/cm². Battery operates for more than 12 months under normal use. Never needs re-calibration. Excellent reliability and high precision instrument. Complete with carry case to keep your unit in perfect condition.

And as a bonus, this unit can be used to measure radiated power from other wireless devices using the 2450 MHz analog frequency (good from 2350 to 2550 MHz). Has nice carry case and backlit display. Uses one 9V battery (not included) or can be powered by optional external AC/DC9V adapter. One year wty and ±1dB accuracy. This is the unit we recommend if you need more information about your oven leakage. CE compliant.

Microwave Oven Leakage Meter (Cat. #GTG138) ……. $34.95 add to cart


What our customers tell us:

“Meter works well. I scanned all around my microwave and as I suspected, the upper left hand corner had a higher than accepted reading due to some food that had caught fire in the microwave. The seal on the door looks okay but the meter gave a warning sign that the radiation is too high.”

D.E., Henderson NV

“Delivered within the time agreed on with good paperwork and instructions included. Meter worked well right out of the box – just as advertised.”

J.S., Corsicana TX


Gauss Master Dr. Gauss gaussmeter


Popular EMF Meter with Sound

This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields.

Most experts agree that chronic exposure to more than 2.5 milli-Gauss is inadvisable. This meter will show you which areas are above or below 2.5 milli-Gauss in the 50 – 60 Hz frequency range.

Hand-held, lightweight and durable, with two easy to read scales (0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Our favorite meter for demonstrating the presence of dangerous EMFs to others and paranormal work. Requires one 9V battery (not included). Calibrated at 50-60 Hz.


Axis Range Resolution Frequency Accuracy
1 0-1 mG
0-10 mG
0.1 mG
1 mG
50/60+ Hz no spec
What is unique about this meter? Lightning fast needle response, audio function

Includes nice instructions on how to perform
a proper survey of your home, office, or school yard.

Gauss Master (Cat. #GTG130) ……………………………. $34.95 add gaussmaster to cart

Quick Start Instructions for GaussMaster (pdf)


What our customers tell us:

“I tested it on several items and was surprised how much some things registered. My electric blanket registered extremely high so now I will warm up the bed and turn it off once I go to bed. My clock radio that’s about a foot from my head was so high I unplugged it.”

P.K., Helena, AL


This is just a small sampling of great products for EMF safety.

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