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Graham Stetzer Filter for Dirty Electricity

High-Frequency ElectroMagnetic Pollution Remover

Stetzerizer Filters Remove RF Pollution from Household Wiring

Do you suffer from symptoms of electrical sensitivity such as headaches, tiredness, poor short term Graham Stetzer Filter for dirty electricitymemory, fatigue, depression, nausea, rashes, irritability, or even chronic fatigue syndrome? High-frequency EMF pollution that is carried in wiring has been shown to be the source of electrical sensitivity symptoms for some people. This high-frequency EMF pollution is produced by common household items such as electric motors (found in hair-dryers, blenders, can openers, etc), loose wires, fluorescent lights, transformers, and especially dimmer switches.

The High-Frequency EM Pollution Reducer (HF EMPOR) designed by Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at the Electronics Research Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, consists of 20 EMF high frequency suppressors which are simply plugged into ordinary electric outlets, distributed throughout the home or office. These suppressors will measurably reduce the high frequency EMF pollution in your environment. A number of people have reported immediate relief from electrical sensitivity symptoms with the use of the HF EMPOR.

Stetzer dirty electricty filter kit High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit

The suppressors do not use electricity (but they could reduce your utility bill), nor will they interfere with any computers, TV’s or other appliances. Installation is simple and enables you to avoid expensive electrician service calls. The suppressors are portable, so you can move them from one site to another. This is NOT a bio-energetic device. Special electronic circuitry simply drains the high-frequency pollution out of the wiring system.

This kit will effectively filter an average size home or office. If you have a large home or office, or a large number of EMF high-frequency pollution producers, you may need additional EMF high-frequency noise suppressors. 60 Hz, 120V North-American plug style only.

Stetzer filter High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression KitStetzerizer Single Filter (Cat. #GTG802-1) …………………….. $35.00 each add stetzer dirty electricity filter to cart

Save with Multi-Paks:


5 Stetzer filters for dirty electricity High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit Set of 5 Filters (Cat. #GTG802-5) $164.75 add stetzer filters for dirty electricity to cart To filter power as it enters the home, add outlets near the breaker, one on each phase. Then install filters into these new outlets: Stetzer Filter on A and B Phase
High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit of 20 Stetzer filters for dirty electricity Set of 20 Filters (Cat. #GTG802-20) $659.95 add dirty electricity filters to cart
High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit of 3 filters stetzer Set of 3 Filters with Meter (Cat. #GTG802-3M) $184.80 add dirty electricity remover filter to cart


What our customers tell us:“I have stetzers in my home, albeit not enough as I would like, but I had a noticeable difference in my well being after their installation even though I still have the high magnetic fields coming in. My dog also had a wonderful improvement of being able to walk again after being quite incapacitated.”Helen (Melbourne, AUS)

Stetzer “Microsurge” Meter

Stetzer Microsurge

Don’t just take our word for it. You can now check for this pollution yourself! A special meter has been developed which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to determine the levels of EMF high-frequency pollution in your home or office both before and after using the HF EMPOR. Extremely easy to use and reliable.

This meter is designed to measure only the high frequency noise which may exist in your electrical wiring. It contains special filters which remove the normal 50/60 Hz signal for the readout.

The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the meter into an electric outlet. The meter works equally well on standard outlets (2 prong, or 3-prong), and GFI outlets. It can also be used with surge suppressors, power strips or extension cords.

The readout of the meter gives an indication of how much high frequency noise is in the wiring at the outlet where the meter is located. The higher the readout, the more high frequency pollution. The readout is not calibrated, but is very useful for making relative (comparison) measurements.

Ideally, the readout should be as low as possible. It is generally agreed that readings should be below 50. Notice that unplugging appliances may affect the reading.

When using the meter in conjunction with the Graham-Stetzer Filters, plug the meter into the outlet first. Then add Graham-Stetzer Filters to the same outlet and nearby outlets and watch the reading decrease.

The use of a power strip to increase the number of available outlets is useful when you need multiple Graham-Stetzer Filters to reduce the reading to the desired level.

The meter is re-usable. Can be used on 50/60 Hz, 110-230V systems. Covers 10 kHz to 100 kHz. Has standard 2 prong North Amercian plug, so you will need an adapter to use it outside of N. America. Click here for full instructions.

YouTube video demonstrating this product:

Stetzer “Microsurge” Meter With North American Plug (Cat. #GTG803) ………………. $99.95 add stetzerizer microsurge meter to cart


What our customers tell us:

“This package came August 15th, way before it was due to arrive. It was wrapped in a box and the monitor was in a box. I was thrilled that it arrived so early. I have already used it around the house. There is a booklet that came with it explaining where you can buy other meters to measure electricity. There also was a sheet of paper explaining about the Microsurge meter. So far very happy with the buying and mailing experience.”

S.R, Ypsilanti MI



Measure the Voltage Effects of EMF on Your Body!

An external field will induce an electric field within our bodies. In this sense, our bodies act as antennas picking up fields from electric blankets, alarm clocks, powerlines, and just about everything connected to a source of electric power.

Delicate biological cellular processes (like brain function and heart muscle contraction) operate on the scale of microVolts to milliVolts. Body Voltage can exceed several Volts in some cases.

Body Voltage Meter

The Body Voltage Meter quickly and easily reports this induced AC body voltage. Simply hold the sensor handle. Notice how your body voltage varies as you move about the room, as you change position (standing vs lying down, for example) and it also depends on what you are wearing.

The Body Voltage Meter is a great way to test the effectiveness of your static discharge (ESD) devices and can be used to measure the AC voltage build up on static producing surfaces. Large digital readout is easy to see and sensitive down to 1 mV. Will help you detect irritating voltage sources which may not otherwise be obvious. Comes complete. Uses 1 9V battery (not included). Calibrated for 40-500 Hz.

Body Voltage Meter (Cat. #GTG183N)………………..$89.95 add body voltage meter to cart



Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization
By Samuel Milham, MD, MPH

When Thomas Edison began wiring New York City with a direct current electricity distribution system in the 1880s, he gave humankind the magic of electric light, heat, and power; in the process, though, he inadvertently opened a Pandora’s Box of unimaginable illness and death.

Dirty Electricity tells the story of Dr. Samuel Milham, the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and human disease. Milham takes readers through his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.

Dr. Milham warns that because of the recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality. In Dirty Electricity, he reveals the steps we must take, personally and as a society, to coexist with this marvelous but dangerous technology.

Dirty Electricity (Cat. #GTG511) …… $12.95 add to cart


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