EMF Shielding for the Bedroom

Get the rest you need in an EMF Quiet Zone


Light Duty Faraday CanopyWhen Moderate RF Reduction Will Do

Give your body a chance to rest! Attractive and functional canopy can be used over beds or other similar sized areas to reduce radiofrequency radiation. Made from very light weight Swiss Shield Daylight fabric (92% polyester net-knit, with 8% silver-plated copper fiber content) which stops over 80% (16dB) of microwave radiation energy penetration (over at least 200-3000 MHz).

Nice veil-like appearance (plenty of air and light penetration), and has the conductive components twisted on the threads, so no metal coating to flake and no need for grounding! Canopy covers the top and sides of bed. Easy to get in/out of bed and lots of head room.

Click here for an Independent Test Report of the canopy (pdf)

Can be washed in gentle cycle, with mild detergent. Even frequent washing seems to do no harm to the shielding power of the fabric. Comes with swag hooks and an easily detachable hoop for easy mounting. Very transportable too.

Some owners say using this product to reduce RF has alleviated their symptoms associated with electrosensitivity, such as ringing in the ears, headaches/migraines, insomnia, confusion, irritability, nausea, circulation problems, etc. 2 sizes:

Light Duty Faraday Canopy:
King/Queen/Full Size (Cat. #GTG200-K) ………………….. $1099.00 add to cart

Twin/Single/Crib Size (Cat. #GTG200-T) ……………………. $759.00 add to cart

Canopy Floor Mat


Need shielding underneath the bed too?

Floor mat made from the same Daylite shielding fabric as the Lite Duty Canopy. Can be placed flat on the floor under the bed, or between the mattress and box spring to shield from below and create a “complete” enclosure. It is a simple rectangle of fabric. Edges are not finished. Not intended for a high traffic area. Choose the size you need:

Floor Mat (single/twin/crib) 60×98 inches (Cat. #GTG362-S) …………. $109.75 add to cart

Floor Mat (full/queen/king) 108×98 inches (Cat. #GTG362-K) ……….. $197.55 add to cart

Basic RF Meter


Budget Minded, Information Packed Simplicity

This meter represents both a price and technology breakthrough! Simple hand held meter is so easy to use! Uses ordinary 9V battery (not included). Very sensitive (down to 25mV/m = 1.6 µW/m² = 0.16 nW/cm²) and goes as high as 14.8 V/m (= 580 mW/m² = 58 µW/cm²). Broad frequency range too: 100MHz to 3.0GHz digital or analog signals. ±3.5dBm accuracy.

Look at all the information on the LCD screen:


Basic RF MeterBasic RF Meter
  • Signal power level in dBm
  • Signal power density in mW/m²
    – continuous from 0.0016 mW/m² to 580 mW/m²
  • Horizontal bar “power level display” with 12 5dBm segments
  • Moving bargraph showing signal changes over the last 32 readings
  • 8 segment LED bar (green/yellow/red) with corresponding power indication
  • Backlit for first 10 seconds of display


Truly unique tool for personal RF exposure detection and level measurement. Use it to check GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, Wi-Fi and much more. Now check out the price! CE. Model ED-15C.

Basic RF Meter (Cat. #GTG437) ………. $89.95 add to cart

What our customers tell us:

“I got it today and it works like a charm. Shipping was really quick, thanks!”    M.Z., Montreal QC

This is just a small sampling of great products for EMF safety.

Visit LessEMF.com for EMF meters and shielding for every situation!

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