Happy customers!

We love hearing comments like the following from Laura I. on our Facebook page:

I’ve been a satisfied customer of LessEMF since developing EMF hypersensitivity several years ago. I’ve bought meters, computer keyboards and mice, gloves, and various gizmos for protection in my home environment. (The Shielding section of their catalog is my go-to area.) I’ve gotten very quick response most of the time, and I value the fact that this business exists because I need what they sell so badly. The only thing that has been a problem was buying a series of inexpensive earbuds to use with a cell phone; they were made in China and some didn’t even last three weeks. Emil replaced some and took some of them back but I felt like I had to push a little to get that. He said he complained to the manufacturer and they started being more robust, but I just gave up ordering them, since they were still problematic. A couple of other items that didn’t work out too well for me were the $100 shielding undershirt that didn’t hold up to washing, and a $1000 bed canopy that felt like it trapped something inside it instead of keeping it out. I returned it after using it one night and they accepted it without an issue.

I feel like I have something of a personal relationship with this company because of being a frequent, although low-dollar, customer. Their products have been invaluable to me and allowed me to resume using my computer and my cell phone. I recommend LessEMF to everyone I talk to who’s concerned about EMF radiation, or should be. It’s an excellent business and is leading the way in its field.

This is just a small sampling of great products and information for EMF safety. Visit LessEMF.com for EMF meters and shielding for every situation!

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