How well does skin shield RF?

There are many misconceptions about how radiofrequency radiation penetrates the human body. We know that skin, bone, and muscle are excellent absorbers of RF radiation, which is why they will heat up in a microwave oven. In this simple experiment, we wish to find out how well skin can shield radiofrequency radiation. Due to lack of human donors, we used a piece of fresh chicken skin.

Our simple setup involves an RF meter and an RF source at 2.4 GHz. We found that approximately 99% of the radiation is stopped by the single layer of skin. It can be assumed that thicker skin, and more complete coverage, would result in even greater shielding.

Therefore, the amount of radiation that actually gets to the deeper organs is just a fraction of the radiation one measures. But don’t relax just yet. It may well be that the symptoms people experience from exposure to ambient levels if radiofrequency are due to the biochemical changes that occur in the skin. The byproducts of those reactions can then circulate throughout the body, causing symptoms in the deeper tissues. Of course, more intense doses, such as putting a cellphone right up to your head, will cause the radiation to penetrate deeper.

We are simply showing that skin is a good absorber of microwave radiation, and that very little of ambient level microwaves penetrates deeper than the skin. So what does this mean for the average person? First, I believe it means that the majority of symptoms caused by exposure to ambient levels of radiofrequency are caused by biochemical changes in the skin, the reaction products of which then circulate throughout the body causing symptoms in remote areas like the brain or heart. Second, shielding the skin of (nearly) the entire body may be necessary to eliminate symptoms for some people. Third, there is no reason to believe that wearing shielded clothing will cause the radiation to enter through cuffs or other openings and become trapped within the garment.

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