New Study on EHS and Serious Health Consequences Published

An Australian perspective of EHS was recently published:

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) must surely be counted among the most disabling, most isolating, soul-destroying, and least understood of contemporary illnesses. Ultrasensitive to chemicals both natural and synthetic, the worst-affected MCS patients are the world over forced to live in virtual isolation.

For the subgroup hypersensitive to various electromagnetic frequencies, life is even more restricted: Their reactions to the emissions from mobile—and often landline—phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, radio, television, computers, and the like render off-limits as well the Internet and all forms of electronic communication. As individuals, businesses, government departments, and public utilities increasingly decline to deal with “snail mail,” incommunicado involuntarius serves only to compound an EHSer’s sense of alienation from and abandonment by society.

Despite ample evidence of a physiological etiology, MCS and EHS are still regarded as psychiatric disorders in some countries. Here in Australia the ultimate consequence of this attitude, perpetuated by commissions of enquiry (Australian Government, 2010), is involuntary commitment and enforced antipsychotic medication to correct a “faulty belief system.”

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