New Study on EHS (Electrical HyperSensitivity)

EHS, electrohypersensitivity, is a collection of negative biological reactions that some people, including children, experience when exposed to EMF’s.  The reactions include headaches, sleeping problems, skin rashes, bad allergies, digestive problems, heart palpitations, panic attacks/anxiety, and memory and cognition problems.  To read more on EHS,
This study, done in Germany in 2013, showed that 3 parameters, which cannot be voluntarily controlled, changed after exposure to EMF’s in those with EHS and explains why provocation studies involving individuals with self-reported EHS could not find an association between EMF exposure and symptoms.
EHS can therefore be objectively measured with these 3 parameters.
The 3 parameters:
 1) HRV (heart rate variability),
 2) electric skin potential, and
 3) microcirculation (this means blood flow thru capillaries) The important thing about microcirculation is that it regulates intestinal motility (see p. 284) and that the frequency (0.15Hz) correlates with intestinal motility and gallbladder motility.  So changes in microcirculation can affect digestion and gall bladder.  (It is interesting to note that there is technology that uses EMF’s to improve microcirculation. The fact that such technology can be used to improve microcirculation under specific conditions also means that it can make microcirculation worse under other conditions.  Such medical technology is also proof of biological effects of EMFs)
Changes in the HRV can explain panic attacks and heart problems.
Changes in the electric skin potential can explain skin rash/inflammation seen in EHS individuals.
Changes in microcirculation can cause headaches and affect digestion and gall bladder.
Fig. 1 in the study showed differences in HRV in EHS people before and after exposure to mobile phones.
Fig. 4 in the study showed ECG’s, electric skin potential, and microcirculation before EMF exposure in EHS people, and then Fig. 5 showed their changes after EMF exposure in EHS people.
Other findings of the study:
  • In people without EHS, there were no changes in these 3 parameters before and after EMF exposure.
  • Without EMF exposure, there were no differences in these parameters in people with EHS and people without EHS.

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  1. Christa Schmidt
    Christa Schmidt
    , 2017-08-10

    I feel sick in my own house my car,when I shop with strong neon lights above!

      , 2017-08-21

      Hi Christa, yes this is a typical symptom from exposure to the electromagnetic fields from fluorescent lights. But note: it could also be caused by the flicker as well.

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