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Portable Faraday Microwave Safety Net

This may be the best EMF protection value. Extremely sheer and transparent, it offers excellent air circulation and dramatic shielding performance of 30-45dB. It will shield cell phone, wi-fi and other wireless signals nicely. Also shields electric field. Easy access slit on one side makes getting in and out a snap.

Perfect for travelling as it takes up less room than a sweater in your suitcase and weighs only about a pound.

Light gray color. Does double duty as a mosquito net, too! Not just for beds either! Can be used over a couch, workstation, your favorite lounger or hammock. Includes ground cord, stainless steel ceiling hook and support ring. Fabric is delicate, 100% pure Silver coated Nylon, so do not wash.

Two sizes to choose from: Twin/single/Crib is 7.5 feet high with 26 foot perimeter at the base. Full/King is 8.2 feet high with a 39 foot perimeter at the base. Both are tapered toward the top.

Dream Canopy:
Full/Queen/King (Cat. #GTG343) …… $899.00
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Twin/Single/Crib (Cat. #GTG342) ………….. $599.00
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“Microwave Shielding for the Bed”
span style=”font-family: Thread-00001e88-Id-0000032a;”>Duvet Cover
Faraday Canopies are great, but sometimes you need a solution that is more portable, less hassle, or simply has the look and feel of “normal”. Protective Bedding is the perfect solution, offering good radiofrequency shielding (more than 90% of cellphone and wi-fi signals bounce right off) and made with comfy, washable, cotton fabric which has Silver coated Copper fibers woven throughout.

 The ultrafine fibers are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye, but show up easily under a microscope. Great feel and without flame retardant. Tested up to 30 washings with almost no loss of performance.

Washable, easy to iron
Attenuation: 29 dB at 900 MHz
Color: White
Resistivity: 108 Ohm/sq, cannot be grounded
Certificates: Öko-Tex 100 Class 1 (gentle enough for baby underwear)

Care Machine wash (gentle cycle), cold water. Hang dry. Iron without steam, low heat. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

Choose from two styles, and two sizes:


Turn Your Favorite Blanket into a Shielded Blanket! Flat Sheet

Like a giant pillow case, you can put your standard blanket or comforter inside the Duvet Cover so you can adjust for summer weight or winter warmth. One side is 220 thread count, 100% cotton. The other side is the shielding cotton fabric described above. Either side up. Opening at the foot has hook and loop closure for easy access.

Twin Size Duvet Cover: 66” wide x 94” long (Cat. #GTG360-T) ……………………… $289.00 add to cart
Queen/King Size Duvet Cover: 108” wide x 104” long (Cat. #GTG360-K) ……….. $499.00 add to cart


Like a normal flat sheet, with 3 inch hem at the top, but made entirely from RF shielding cotton fabric.

Twin Size Flat Sheet: 58” wide x 104” long (Cat. #GTG361-T) ……………………… $249.00 add to cart
Queen/King Size Flat Sheet: 108” wide x 110” long (Cat. #GTG361-K) …………. $459.00 add to cart

Shielded Baby BlanketShielded Baby Blanket


Soft Cotton Flannel Blanket Shields Your Baby from Wireless Radiation

We all know babies are more sensitive to injury from radiation both before and after birth. Expecting Moms may not realize that they are radiating their developing fetus by using a cell phone or wifi near their belly. This shielded Baby Blanket is the ultimate in snuggly comfort while providing a high level of radiation shielding. Just use it like any ordinary blanket. Cover Mom’s belly or wrap the baby. Either way, it’s a smart, safe, and effective way to lower your baby’s exposure during this critical time in his or her development.

Deflects >30dB of Radio & Microwave EMF Radiation

Luxurious flannel, comfortable against the skin

Generous 42″ x 42″ (approx. 107cm x 107cm)

Made in USA

Patent Pending

Shielded Baby Blanket Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic, cotton flannel on the outside. Ecological, unbleached, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier.

Care: Machine wash cold, do not bleach.

Baby Blanket, Dark Blue (Cat. #GTG335-B) ………. $99.95 add to cart
Baby Blanket, Pink (Cat. #GTG335-P) ………. $99.95 add to cart


This is just a small sampling of great products for EMF safety.
Visit for EMF meters and shielding for every situation!

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