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Don’t let cellphone radiation affect sperm count!

The prestigious Cleveland Clinic and the Journal of Andrology have both reported dramaticAnti-Wave T-shirt reduction in sperm count and quality in men whose reproductive area is exposed to cell phone radiation. Carrying your phone in your front pocket puts it right in the sensitive kill zone.

RadiaShield Boxer Briefs reduce radiation exposure to reproductive organs. High level microwave protection is built into the codpiece and back. Luxurious Modal/Spandex plus RadiaShield Fabric provides stretchy comfort for all day wear. Anti-bacterial, anti-odor, light-weight, breathable, and machine washable too! Specify size when ordering: s, m, L, xL.


RadiaShield Boxer Briefs
Small (Cat. #GTG231-S) ………….. $49.00 add to cart
Medium (Cat. #GTG231-M) ……. $49.00 add to cart
Large (Cat. #GTG231-L) …………. $49.00 add to cart
X-Large (Cat. #GTG231-XL) …… $49.00 add to cart


Anti-Wave Briefs protect genitals from microwave radiation


360° Shielding for the Pelvic Area

For anyone who carries a cell phone, whether in your pocket or in your hand, radiation to the reproductive area is unavoidable. These comfortable briefs are made completely of unique Anti-Wave fabric with an elastic waistband and ample front cup. The fabric stretches and moves with you leaving you with no worries or irritation. Designed for men.

Brief Sizing (inches)
Waist (min-max)
Ideal for Waist
35 ±5
36 ±5
38 ±5

Shields over more than 30kHz to 3GHz with 90% reduction

Contains 2% pure Silver radiation protection

Pure silver is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor

Anti-static comfort

90% cotton, 8% polymide, 2% Silver

Washing Instructions: Hand wash (104º), do not use bleach or chemical detergents. Do not tumble dry. Iron with low moderate heat.

Anti-Wave Briefs Large (Cat. #GTG244-L) …………………. $36.00 add anti-emf briefs to cart
Anti-Wave Briefs X-Large (Cat. #GTG244-XL) …………… $36.00 add anti-emf underwear to cart
Anti-Wave Briefs XX-Large (Cat. #GTG244-XXL) ……… $36.00 add anti-wave underpants to cart



Generous Cut, Soft as Cotton

Good RF shielding with Rayon and Silver fabric. Elastic waist band. Fly front with 1 button. Very simple design, suitable for men or women. Machine washable. Specify size when ordering: S, M, L, XL.

Silverell Boxer

Small [28-34″ waist] (Cat. #GTG261-S) ………….. $69.95 add to cart

Medium [30-36″ waist] (Cat. #GTG261-M) ……. $69.95 add to cart

Large [34-40″ waist] (Cat. #GTG261-L) …………. $69.95 add to cart

X-Large [36-44″ waist] (Cat. #GTG261-XL) …… $69.95 add to cart


Esmog Pants


RF Shielding for Legs and Pelvis

When boxers are not enough coverage, these very soft, stretchy lounging pants offer radiofrequency shielding to the whole leg. Loose fitting, also great as pajamas or under standard pants. Made from our washable Silverell fabric (same as Hoodies above) to achieve 20-40 dB attenuation (depending on frequency). Straight hem on cuff. 1” elastic on the waist. No fly in front. Appropriate for both men and women.

Waist Inseam
Esmog Pants
30″ 30″ Small (Cat. #GTG267-S) ………… $102.26 add to cart
32” 31″ Medium (Cat. #GTG267-M) …… $111.26 add to cart
34″ 32″ Large (Cat. #GTG267-L) ……….. $121.88 add to cart
36″ 33″ X-Large (Cat. #GTG267-XL) …. $127.26 add to cart

Anti-Wave T-shirt


Intimate Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Shields the body from a range of radiation exposure between 30kHz to 3GHz up to 75% reduction
  • Anti-static comfort
  • Contains 2% pure silver content for electromagnetic protection
  • Pure Silver serves as a natural bacterial deterrent
  • Mostly cotton with minimal stretching

Materials: 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% Silver


Size Old
On Sale!
Cat. # Order online Cat. # Order online
Small $106.00 $79.95 GTG247-S add to cart
Medium $106.00 $79.95 GTG247-M add to cart GTG245-L add to cart
Large $106.00 $79.95 GTG247-L add to cart GTG245-XL add to cart
X-Large $106.00 $79.95 GTG245-XXL add to cart

Washing Instructions: Gentle wash (104º) with TexCare, do not use bleach or chemical detergents. Do not tumble dry. Iron with low heat.

This is just a small sampling of great products for EMF safety.

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