Reduce Smart Meter Radiation

 Action you can take to test and shield for this modern hazard



Installs In Seconds, Fits All Smart Meters

Smart Meters emit microwave signals in all directions. To protect your loved ones from these emissions, your shield must be placed between the source of emissions and the people. That usually means on the interior of the wall where the smart meter is attached. But what if you need to shield an outdoor patio? Or an area to the side of the smart meter?

Now you can. The Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit includes everything you need and requires no tools (except a scissors) to install. Installation takes only seconds. Corrosion-immune, soft Stainless Steel Mesh is wrapped around the glass part of the smart meter and is held in place by weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop. Simply trim any excess with your scissors. Couldn’t be easier! Shielding performance reduces sideways signal measurably, but still allows enough to get back to the utility for proper meter readings.

You might even want to get one to offer to your neighbors.

Installation Instructions (pdf)

Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit (Cat. #GTG208) … $19.95 add smart meter shield to cart

Basic RF Meter


Budget Minded, Information Packed Simplicity

This meter represents both a price and technology breakthrough! Simple hand held meter is so easy to use! Uses ordinary 9V battery (not included). Very sensitive (down to 25mV/m = 1.6 µW/m² = 0.16 nW/cm²) and goes as high as 14.8 V/m (= 580 mW/m² = 58 µW/cm²). Broad frequency range too: 100MHz to 3.0GHz digital or analog signals. ±3.5dBm accuracy.

Look at all the information on the LCD screen:

  • Signal power level in dBm
  • Signal power density in mW/m²
    – continuous from 0.0016 mW/m² to 580 mW/m²
  • Horizontal bar “power level display” with 12 5dBm segments
  • Moving bargraph showing signal changes over the last 32 readings
  • 8 segment LED bar (green/yellow/red) with corresponding power indication
  • Backlit for first 10 seconds of display

Truly unique tool for personal RF exposure detection and level measurement. Use it to check GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, Wi-Fi and much more. Now check out the price! CE. Model ED-15C.

Basic RF Meter (Cat. #GTG437) ………. $89.95 add to cart

Basic RF MeterBasic RF Meter
What our customers tell us:

“I got it today and it works like a charm. Shipping was really quick, thanks!” M.Z., Montreal QC


Rugged, Compact, & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter

Lutron 822A Digital AC GaussmeterIn our opinion, this is one of the best EMF meter values around. Couldn’t be easier to Lutron 822A Gauss meteruse, just turn it on and get accurate reliable readings. Perfect for situations needing high resolution measurements of AC magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Large LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 – 400 Hz. Provides readout in both mG and microTesla. Calibrated to within 4% ±3 digits at 50/60 Hz. This single axis meter samples every 0.4 seconds when flipped on with slide switch. Requires one 9V battery. One year limited warrantee.

Like all single axis meters, this meter must be rotated during use to find the proper orientation to the magnetic field being measured to get proper readings.



Axis Range Resolution Frequency Accuracy
1 0-199.9 mG
0-19.99 microT
30 – 300 Hz 4% ±3 digits at 50/60 Hz
What is unique about this meter? Lowest cost digital gaussmeter, good accuracy & range, toggle mG/microT

Single Axis Digital Gauss/Tesla Meter (Cat. #GTG111) ….. $79.95 add gaussmeter to cart



This is just a small sampling of great products for EMF safety.
Visit for EMF meters and shielding for every situation!

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