State Bills Regarding Wireless Facilities List

5G requires millions of mini cell towers to be built nationwide.  From coast to coast, states are moving forward with Bills to preempt local authority and allow companies  to place wireless antennae in neighborhoods in front of homes with zero to minimal community input. In some states, fierce community opposition has lead to blocking these streamlining Bills. In other states, these Bills have passed. Please see this running list of states and their Bills  with useful links to news stories and videos about the new legislation.

Letter from Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino that “it is not in the interest of our citizens to remove the rights of local governments say in the placement of these devices.”

Draft Ordinance for Oyster Bay on Wireless Facilities which would be among the most stringent if passed.

“The Town of Oyster Bay finds that wireless telecommunications facilities may pose significant concerns to its residents, and the character and environment of its neighborhoods..The process will establish a fair and efficient process for review and approval of applications; assure an integrated, comprehensive review of environmental impacts; and protect the rights of the Town and its residents, to the maximum extent allowed under the law.”

“…no person shall be permitted to site, place, build, construct, modify or prepare any site for the placement or use of wireless telecommunications facilities without having first obtained a building-permit from the Department of Planning and Development and any and all other approvals as required herein or under other applicable law. A new wireless facility must, in addition to a building permit, obtain a special use permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals.”

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