Why should you care about the hazards of EMF?

Why should we be concerned about EMF exposure?

You see it everywhere: “Free Wi-Fi.” You feel excited. Comforted. Relieved. You whip out your digital trifecta—

smartphone, tablet, laptop. Yes! Connection! But there is mounting scientific evidence pointing to potentially harmful biological effects from this exact type of radiofrequency radiation. As Paleo biohackers, we are committed to figuring out how the body can run most efficiently and reach homeostasis, and we do this through nutrition, movement, mindfulness and our environment—all based on the wisdom of our ancestors. We need only revisit John Durant’s The Paleo Manifesto to intuit the problem with the deluge of EMFs in our world:  “An organism is likely to thrive in a habitat that resembles its ancestral habitat.” And that includes our earth’s natural electromagnetism and energy fields. But these overabundant man-made frequencies fly in the face of that environmental constant. So what is this fundamental change in our habitat’s energy doing to our bioelectrical bodies?



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